Our Team of Trustees

Team of Trustees

The Awesome Foundation is a group of local citizens who believe Nova Scotia’s South Shore could use more awesome. So we open our wallets to help you make it happen. We've been doing this every month (except December) since May 2014.

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List of Trustees

Sylvia Ali
Sarah Allen
Andrew Button
Colin and Rhonda Chaput
Patty & Ian Culbert
Kacy Delong
Kathy Dunstan
Evi Hall
Harvey Heinrichs
Patrick Henry
Linda Hiltz
Kathie Kirkpatrick
Susan Larder
John McCarthy & Shawnee Gregory
Elspeth McLean-Wile
Ross McMillan
April Naugler
Darren Nauss
Louise Petite & David Murray
Ashton Rhodenizer & Bernice Williams
Tom Rogers & Jen Worden
Janice Ross
Sean Sears
Anne & Dan Sutherland
Kara Turner
Catherine Walker & Bill Rice
Petra & Corrina