Calling all South Shore Writers!



Our October 2016 grant winner is using it for an awesome project, and needs submissions by South Shore writers.  Pat Thomas writes …

Awesome South Shore Foundation is comprised of a philanthropic group of enthusiastic and supportive professionals who meet once a month for the purpose of encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation and business success along Nova Scotia’s South Shore.

Ten of Awesome’s thirty members donate $100.00 apiece each month, and then hear pitches before selecting and supporting something truly “awesome” happening in one of our South Shore communities.

Each month, one pitch of the four or five pitches is awarded $1000 to pursue their project and passion – no strings attached.

At Awesome South Shore’s October pitching session in Chester, the pitch awarded support and dollars was the South Shore Anthology Project through editor and writer from Hubbards Writers Society, Pat Thomas owner of WindyWood

Publishing in Simms Settlement/Hubbards. Her pitch was for funds to provide ten South Shore writers a payment of $100.00 per story for their inspiring, tender or lighthearted stories set along Nova Scotia’s South Shore (Peggy’s Cove to Lockeport Nova Scotia).

The anthology will contain ten or more stories – each up to 3000 words in length – and will be released October 2017. Along with story submissions, suggestions for the anthology title and submissions for cover and/or interior artwork that highlight the winter/seasonal beauty and wonder of our South Shore are welcome for consideration.

Information about how to submit stories or artwork to be considered for blind review, please write to

The Anthology will be open for submissions on December 1, 2016 and close to submissions, March 15, 2017. All successful writers will receive notification by May 31 st regarding Anthology inclusion. Stories not selected for this project will receive a brief editorial review. Proceeds beyond Anthology preparation and production costs will support literary events along Nova Scotia’s South Shore.

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