A Year of Awesomeness on the South Shore


What happens when you give $1000 — no-strings-attached — to groups with great ideas?

    – Grade 5 kids put on a Food Fair

    – a new outdoor film and food festival is born

    – a zip-line is built to to help people with autism

The Awesome Foundation South Shore has funded over a dozen awesome projects.

How do you get the dough?  Its easy.  Each month, people answer two simple questions telling us how they would use the $1000.  The list is whittled down to four finalists who come to the monthly money-give-away event and make a four minute pitch on why they should take home the cash.  At the end of the night, someone walks home with a $1000 to make their idea become a reality.

What’s your idea for making the South Shore a more awesome place ???  PITCH IT HERE!

Or check out the vibe in person at our next monthly event at the Big Ex in Bridgewater, 6:15pm on Friday July 31st at the stage in the Main Building.  It will be AWESOME!

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