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Calling all South Shore Writers!

Our October 2016 grant winner is using it for an awesome project, and needs submissions by South Shore writers.  Pat Thomas writes … Awesome South Shore Foundation is comprised of a philanthropic group of enthusiastic and supportive professionals who meet once a month for the purpose of encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation and business success along […]

Awesome South Shore’s #CommunityTrustee

Thank you South Shore for all your support over the last two years to help us make the South Shore even more Awesome! over 300 groups have sent us their Awesome ideas over 60 came out to our monthly meetings to make a pitch and 22 Awesome ideas received a $1000 boost to bring it […]

Cake for Awesome South Shore’s 2nd Birthday

Hard to believe, but Awesome South Shore celebrates its second birthday this month. We asked three of our $1000 winners to share their thoughts. Cameron Lane is a student from Caledonia. He writes … ‘My idea was to develop a business that could provide inexpensive, high quality aerial photos/video for a number of different uses. […]

Top 5 Reasons You Should Be a Trustee Of Awesome

30 Trustees of Awesome are behind all the Awesomeness that we’ve been encouraging along Nova Scotia’s South Shore. The Top 5 Reasons You Should Be a Trustee No list of rules. No meetings about meetings. No committees. No oversight or underbite … its the leanest group you’ll ever be a part of. Your fellow trustees […]

A Year of Awesomeness on the South Shore

What happens when you give $1000 — no-strings-attached — to groups with great ideas?     – Grade 5 kids put on a Food Fair     – a new outdoor film and food festival is born     – a zip-line is built to to help people with autism The Awesome Foundation South Shore has funded over […]

First Winners of $1000 of Awesomeness!

Lunenburg Community Garden were the first recipients of an Awesome Grant in the South Shore. Congratulations and we are looking forward to trying some carrots and tomatoes come harvest time.

Awesome is coming to the South Shore!

Beginning on May 28th 2014 Awesome South Shore will hold it’s first event in Lunenburg at the Fisheries Museum, starting at 7:00, and give away $1000 for the most awesome idea presented. To learn more come back here to see what we are planning next!

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